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Gain a competitive edge with analytics built specifically for law firms

Understanding all of your law firm’s data can help you identify new areas for profitability and growth

Target Ideal Clients

Target Ideal Clients

LawKPIs help you identify and segment your most profitable clients so you can target the right types of clients in your business development.

Customize by Practice Area

LawKPIs is easy to customize so each of your practice areas can create their own content.

Customize by Practice Area

With integrations to Google Analytics and leading Law Firm management systems, LawKPIs allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your online and other marketing efforts in real time to maximize your marketing investments.

Trend Spotting

LawKPIs makes it easy to identify patterns and trends conducive to the growth of the law firm with self-serve analytics and custom reporting.

Optimize Pricing

Integrate the data from time and billing systems to analyze pricing and appropriate staffing model.This can help determine the profitability of a case type.

Manage Profitability

Manage the practice’s profitability by getting relevant and real-time insights. Increase business profitability and lower costs despite rate pressure.

Spotlight Referral Sources

Understand your profitable referral sources and improve the leads for your legal practice.

Maximize Social Ad Investments

LawKPIs makes it easy to track and manage your social media ad spend effectively.

Understand Your Clients

LawKPIs helps you get insight into your client data so you can better support your clients by removing some of the uncertainty and introducing a degree of predictability.

Here are just some of the ways our clients are gaining a competitive edge for their law firms

Market Analysis

Better understand your firm’s position in the market as well as to find new opportunities with existing clients.

Improved Operational Visibility

Improve legal operations by promoting transparency, predictability and cost certainty.

Client Support

Better support your clients by removing some of the uncertainty and introducing a degree of predictability

Intuitive Insights

LawKPIs makes it easy to visualize your data through meaningful reports and user-friendly dashboards for easy-to-grasp insights.

Gain Focus

Greater understanding of your data helps you increase practice profitability by focusing on what matters the most.

Client Segmentation Analysis

Understand your audience and market effectively by digging into your client segments.

Manage Your Business

Manage the business generated by the attorney and analyze billable vs flat fee matters profitability

Manage Collections and AR

Proactively manage and collect outstanding fees for better client relations and cash flow.

Analyze Revenue

Analyze revenue and billable hours by employees as well as sources and conversion rates.

Optimized Marketing

Better understand your target audiences, ideal clients, online ad spends, lead sources and website interactions.

Understand Utilization Rates

Understand how attorneys and staff are using their time effectively.

What is Important to You?

LawKPIs is easy to customize and each user gets 5 custom reports unique to their own firm.

Why wait? You could be more profitable by next month.

  • 1 user

    Law firm KPIs

    2 Custom reports

    Data Integration

    Full support and upgrades

  • 2 users

    Law firm KPIs

    5 Custom reports

    Data Integration

    Full support and upgrades

  • 5 users

    Law firm KPIs

    7 Custom reports

    Data Integration

    Full support and upgrades

  • 7 users

    Law firm KPIs

    10 Custom reports

    Data Integration

    Full support and upgrades

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