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Transforming Legal Success: Real Stories from LawKPIs’ Empowered Clients.

Discover how LawKPIs’ cutting-edge technology has elevated law firms, providing unmatched insights, efficiency, and strategic prowess. Join us in exploring a new echelon of excellence in legal services.

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Steven McClelland – McClelland Law Firm

LawKPIs provides an instant, efficient dashboard with excellent custom reporting and simple onboarding.

Erin Moskal – Edwards Creative Law

LawKPIs offers a user-friendly dashboard with quick automated reports and time-saving broadcast feature.

Alexandria Goff – Goff Legal, PC

LawKPIs offers a complete business view with a time-saving all-in-one dashboard.

Natasha Vondracek – Atticus Family Law

LawKPIs saves time with real-time scheduled reports and personalized support all through.

Andrew Levy – Rockridge Financial Services

LawKPIs’ user-friendly dashboard drives business with real-time insights on productivity and financial metrics.

Moriah Bullman – Allen Stahl + Kilbourne

LawKPIs’ seamless onboarding ensures clear vision for attorney performance and informed financial decisions.

Nicole Tedford, CPN Legal

LawKPIs revolutionizes decision-making with smart reports, dashboards, and optimized staff utilization for business growth.

Joshua Masingill – Masingill Attorneys & Attorneys at Law

LawKPIs enables real-time monitoring and custom reports for better business decisions and smoother operations.

Cathie Wright, Pierro, Connor & Strauss LLC

LawKPIs enhanced Clio reporting with custom insights on attorney utilization, productivity, and time-saving broadcast features.

Tonya VanBenschoten, Shur Law

LawKPIs ensured fair, accurate attorney payments at Shur Law using Fee Allocation.

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