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Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is all around us. Whether you’re conducting a Google search or scrolling through social media, there are PPC ads. Pay-per-click marketing is a form of digital advertising where businesses display ads on sites like Google (paid…

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Benefits of a Law Firm Reporting Solution

A Reporting Solution for Law firm is designed to assist legal professionals with day-to-day law firm operations and help automate several reporting tasks. These solutions often include reporting around billing, collections, analysis of the firm’s performance, return on investment, client…

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Employee Profitability Report

Building a profitable firm should be a priority for all leaders, irrespective of the size of the firm they are leading. Profitability is not about just billing more hours, it’s about insights about your firm and understanding your customers, your…

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Utilization Rate Report

Introduction In the quest to understand performance and boost profitability, most businesses continually measure a ton of different metrics, ranging from customer satisfaction and employee engagement, to lead generation, marketing conversions and sales indicators. But perhaps the most universal metric…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in LAW

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a commonplace technology that helps us navigate our personal and professional lives with greater ease and convenience. Whether you realize it or not, AI impacts your day-to-day activities—from the Live Chat on your favorite eCommerce…

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