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Transforming Legal Reporting: A Resounding Endorsement By Natasha Vondracek, Firm Director Of Atticus Family Law

Transforming Legal Reporting: A Resounding Endorsement by Natasha Vondracek, Firm Director of Atticus Family Law


In the fast-paced landscape of family law, adept legal practice demands not just legal expertise but also sophisticated management tools. Natasha Vondracek, the astute Firm Director of Atticus Family Law, recently shared an enlightening testimonial about her firm’s experience with LawKPIs. This in-depth case study delves into the intricate challenges faced by Atticus Family Law, the pivotal transition to LawKPIs, and the profound impact it had on their reporting efficiency.

Challenges Faced:

Atticus Family Law, a long-time user of Clio, grappled with substantial reporting challenges. Extracting information from Clio proved to be a cumbersome task, with a lack of previews leading to trial-and-error scenarios. This inefficiency resulted in precious time being spent on multiple attempts to find the necessary data. The imperative for a more streamlined and user-friendly reporting solution became increasingly evident.

Discovering LawKPIs:

Recognizing the critical need for a transformative solution, Atticus Family Law turned to LawKPIs. Natasha Vondracek eloquently underscores the features that set LawKPIs apart, marking a significant departure from the reporting challenges experienced with Clio.

Key Highlights:

1. Precision in Reporting:

  • LawKPIs delivers precise and detailed reports, eliminating the trial-and-error associated with Clio.

  • The visually intuitive, color-coded interface ensures clarity and enhances data interpretation.

2. Efficient Workflow:

  • The time spent on report extraction from LawKPIs is significantly reduced compared to the cumbersome process in Clio.

  • Reports are not only quickly accessible but also easy to comprehend, contributing to heightened operational efficiency.

3. Custom Reports and Dashboard Insights:

  • LawKPIs accommodates Atticus Family Law’s specific needs with tailor-made custom reports.

  • Integration of both custom and standard reports on the dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the firm’s financial and operational performance.

4. Automated Reporting:

  • Reports are seamlessly automated and delivered to the firm’s inbox at preferred intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly).

  • This feature ensures timely access to crucial information without the need for manual intervention.

5. Exceptional Customer Service:

  • Natasha applauds LawKPIs for its stellar customer service, citing timely assistance and comprehensive responses to inquiries.

  • Personalized 1:1 sessions with the LawKPIs team provided reassurance that Atticus Family Law was aligning precisely with their needs.

Recommendation and Rating:

Natasha Vondracek emphatically rates LawKPIs’ reporting solution a perfect 10 out of 10. Her enthusiastic endorsement extends to all attorneys and lawyers utilizing Clio as their legal reporting software, highlighting the transformative impact LawKPIs can have on streamlining operations and elevating overall efficiency.


Natasha Vondracek’s testimonial stands as a powerful narrative of how LawKPIs, as more than a solution but a strategic partner, has transformed the reporting landscape for Atticus Family Law. In an era where precision and efficiency are paramount, this case study illustrates that LawKPIs isn’t just a tool but a catalyst for change in the legal reporting arena, empowering law firms to operate seamlessly and glean unparalleled insights.

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