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Facebook Marketing For Law Firms


Is it possible for Law firms to find clients and build the businesses over Facebook? Is it possible for lawyers and legal practitioners to find the right clients via Facebook advertising? Let us see why and how Facebook has been helping and will help even further times to develop a business and take it ahead, especially concentrating on the legal business and law firms – of any size.

Why do Law firms need to advertise on Facebook?

It’s very easy and simple to think and perceive that Facebook advertising and marketing for small firms like restaurants, beauty products, clothes, and accessories… there are many other businesses like education, real estate. While it’s easy for these businesses to get and collect a client base, serious businesses like law firms also aren’t left behind and have a competitive advantage with Facebook.

Today, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users across the world, making it one of the biggest platforms on social media.

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook is you could target the right audience for your business and strike the right chord. Well, it all depends on how good the strategy has been developed for it and how well you can reach and convince your audience.

Additionally, advertising on Facebook has many other perks and benefits too –

  • Rapid ad placement – meaning you can edit, frame, and reframe your ad as and when required based on your audience needs and market trends prevailing.
  • Budget effective – Advertising here, is much cheaper and economic as compared to other media.
  • Control of targeting – Facebook gives you much greater control over your ad’s target like the age, gender, language, location, education, interests, behaviors, and connections.

Marketing Options for Law Firms on Facebook –

Businesses all over have several options when it comes to marketing and advertising including social media. However, before we get there, it’s worth noting which ones are free, economic, or cost us high.

Mere boosting of a post on Facebook wouldn’t help, rather creating a Facebook page and updating the information related to the legal industry, to the law firms, about attorneys, staff, and kind of cases handled will go a long way in advertising for a law firm. This includes leaving all the contacts and other social media links, websites on the page too.

But, why should law firms have a Facebook page?

  • A page serves a useful place for meeting prospects.
  • It can also be used to answer questions from current to former clients.
  • It helps to have and build a pool of target audiences. For instance, law firms could target clients who have already liked pages on other social media.
  • It could be a great source of generating ideas as to how to take the business forward by checking out and referring other law firms pages in the city, state, country, or worldwide.

Creating a Facebook Ad Business Manager –

Traditionally, all the posts and Fb ads were operating without a business manager as the FB page didn’t have many audiences and the depth of knowledge people had about these pages was limited.

Over time, we are seeing more businesses owning more pages, working with more agencies, and taking advantage of more of the incredible features now available to us.

To put it in simple terms, Facebook’s Business Manager is a fully native tool available to all pages, it can be used to manage ads, pages, connect with legal marketing agencies, connect with clients, take advantage of in-depth features like setting up Facebook pixels, manage billings, review brand safety issues, manage events, product catalogue, store images and videos for your pages.

Managing all this is so much easier when it is available on a single platform. The advertising on Facebook might involve and not limited to the below steps –

  • Choosing a campaign objective
  • Defining Target Audience
  • Planning your Facebook Ad

Campaign objective – includes and involves a complete guide of direction in which your FB ad will get shaped. It’s a statement your Ad wishes to achieve on reaching its target audience. Hence it needs to be loud and clear with the goals. It also creates awareness among the audience about, brand, lead generation, traffic, conversions, messages and engagement.

Defining Target Audience -A Facebook audience can be from any part of the world. Hence to think of any particular sector or country would be like neglecting so many other prospective ones, the task of reaching the desired target audience hence becomes most critical of all. A target audience will hence consist of one based on gender, location, age, languages, budget, and schedule.

It’s probably a great idea to target your ads to Facebook users who live in a certain place. Facebook automatically will post your ads on Instagram as well, if there isn’t any Instagram account, this option can be disabled.

Planning your Facebook Ad– The most fun part. We are discussing this in detail further. However, as we see, a lot of work already is instilled in the background while making and posting a law firm or legal industry-related ad on Facebook. The challenge is that you only have a few seconds to get your audience’s eyes to get caught on your ad and delve into it any further before they scroll down to the further posts.

And the other most challenging part is, people, go to Facebook as a means of entertainment these days, or to just other’s profiles and do not visit their pages to buy any stuff. Their main agenda to visit an FB page is entirely different than look into your ad. Therefore, getting the target audience’s attention in just a few seconds is a great breakthrough.

Creating your first Facebook Ad

The simplest way to start with your very first ad on your FB page is to create a good old fashioned organic Facebook post and promote it in your ad. Rather, you could also use an existing ad or post and start using it on Facebook than creating an altogether new one from scratch.

The advantage attached to this is, an existing post will already have its share of likes and followers. They will act as evidence for the new followers to like your ad.

While making an ad for a law firm, choose to have options to create ads in the form of images, videos, carousel. A little research around formatting that’ll suit your business will go a long way.

A video ad on FB, as per the research, shows that 85% of the views are with the audio turned off and, no matter how good is the data, the attention span of a viewer isn’t more than 15 seconds. So, to be top on your audience’s mind, the vital amount of data should be passed on in the first 15 seconds only.

Likewise, the primary text should be one line long and needs to appear at the top of the ad. As FB is all about visuals, people do not have time to read loads of text.


Thoroughly an example of a catchy good ad. What’s good in the above, the color is dark and hence strikes the eyes, the message is bold and leaves an impact on the audience and it’s the one that will have a lasting impact on the reader’s mind.

Things that could have been better with the ad are the headline, the image, and the body text. While the makers were trying to have a creative theme, it isn’t very appealing and the image also isn’t the one that’ll catch the reader’s attention. The text is quite small and hence will be easily scrolled down instead of your audience taking an effort to read through those short fonts!


If done rightly, Facebook advertising for law firms can be a great way to connect with target audiences and clients. It’s affordable and at the same time reaches out to the masses. Facebook ads could be successful if an attorney or legal practitioner makes an effort to create valuable content, budget wisely, use an existing post/ad, track the ad performance, use ad business manager and gauge other ads as well.

Installing pixels on their sites/pages will help in remarketing their audiences. Asking for reviews/comments/suggestions/likes and shares from your audience is an excellent way to constant improvement. But one needs to be prepared for critics too.

Facebook ads for lawyers and legal firms could be slightly different from other service industries where it’s easier to showcase your client’s reviews/contentment. Because of this, nailing both the messaging and targeting for your audience is very crucial in a very less period of time.

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