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30 Minutes a Week: All You Need to Manage Your Law Firm Reports

If you’re spending way too many hours wrestling with manual workarounds for your small or solo law firm reports, you might think 30 minutes a week is a typo! 

It’s not. 

It’s a new reality for law firm managers and owners who feel they’re wasting valuable time and money on day-to-day tasks and challenging data reporting that don’t grow their firm.

Find out how to reduce your law firm reporting time to 30 minutes a week:

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Solve Your Law Firm’s Biggest Business Challenge

While there are many challenges in running a successful legal office, we frequently hear that law firm reports are at the top of the list.

Managers must cobble together data from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics, various spreadsheets and even their LMS data. Then you must manipulate the data in more spreadsheets to pinpoint the specific insights you’re seeking. It can take many hours each week, especially at payroll time when complex fee allocations are due. 

This routine typically means you spend nights and weekends grappling with technology and numbers, when you could be enjoying your life outside the business.

Take Back Your Time AND Grow Your Law Firm

How much time do you currently spend trying to pull together your law firm reports

Compare that to 30 minutes per week … and that’s not just to get the data you’re already able to get. That’s 30 minutes to get the data you really want and need, customized to your unique law firm. Delivered to you in simple, at-a-glance dashboards. 

Who Will Benefit From This Webinar?

If you’re spending more than 30 minutes per week on law firm reports, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

If you’re unable to get the specific data you need from your current system, this webinar is for you. Whether you’re a Firm Managing Partner, owner, office administrator (or anyone who spends a lot of time creating reports in spreadsheets), with these 3 law firm reports, you’ll be able to manage your law firm in under 30 minutes a week.

You’ll know what to measure, when to measure and what action to take, and how to leverage Clio custom fields for better reporting.

You’ll also learn:

  • Top KPIs and reports to manage your solo and small firm from Intake to collection.

  • The Firm Owner Dashboard

  • The Flat Fee Profitability Report

Who is LawKPIs?

LawKPIs is legal analytics software that helps attorneys and law firm managers take back their time so they can focus on their clients and the life they want to live. The solution simplifies law firm reporting. It allows law firms to track, manage, and improve profitability, utilization, cash flow and much more. 

Free your staff from repetitive manual tasks, increase business efficiency and boost profitability. Join us at the 3 Key Business Dashboards Every Solo & Small Firm Needs webinar

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