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Managed Analytics-as-a-Service, Backed by Exceptional Data Security

LawKPIs implements triple data security using a combination of TLS communications, Secured S3 buckets, and 2048 bit data encryption using client-specific Private-Public key pairs.

We promise data security from the start

LawKPIs adapters connect to the client’s on-premise application database/s through the secured tunnel using Barracuda and fetch the data into Amazon AWS data warehouse. For cloud based applications, we make use of the application’s REST APIs and integrate the data into AWS.

Administrators are empowered to define user-specific or group-specific granular permissions. They can also restrict data access to a row or column at the database level.

LawKPIs is well-known for providing a single version of truth for your data. You can leverage it to set up a flawless business intelligence infrastructure. Your employees can answer their own questions using self-service capabilities without violating the access to sensitive information.

How we ensure access controls and data governance

Access controls & data governance

We ensure data governance by adopting a layered approach that suits industries having specific security needs and companies bound by GDPR and other privacy restrictions.

Our Data Analytics platform ensures data governance at three levels:

  • Model-level— It restricts the models that users can access.
  • Group level— It limits the users’ access to content.
  • Role level— It gives an individual access to a specific feature and also exercises control over database connections.

How we ensure the security of –


LawKPIs offers several security capabilities to ensure data privacy and control network access. Our built-in firewalls help us to operate under private networks and restrict network access to our instances and subnets.

Our platform is equipped with Cross-Site Request Forgery and Cross-Site Scripting filter. They prevent the injection of malicious script into your data, or other types of code that may hijack cookies.


Our database on AWS is encrypted and is powered by the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Your data stays encrypted and secured in a LawKPIs private network on Amazon web services.

We also have an automated backup system in place that enables point-in-time recovery in case of disasters.

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