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How to Grow Your Law Firm in 2022: 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Growth Strategy

As we approach the end of the year, you’ve likely set goals for growing your law firm in 2022. Setting a goal necessarily means tracking your progress. In other words … using data analytics. 

Becoming data-centered, it turns out, should be key to your growth strategy. In fact, we recently shared a 2021 Clio Legal Trends Report finding that “growing law firms are twice as likely to use legal reporting tools.”

Data enables you to know for certain the impact of every decision you make (or don’t make). But simply adopting data analytics does not guarantee you will grow your law firm in 2022.

How Data-Centered Law Firms Will Grow in 2022

Making data analytics work for you will require at least three factors:

  • A growth mindset culture

  • The right data approach and tools

  • Your leadership experience

In our new resource, How Data-Centered Law Firms Will Grow in 2022: 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Growth Strategy, we dive into each of these factors. 

“But We’re Already Using Data!”

You may have invested in a quality LMS like Clio or use various other sources of data. That’s a great start. Even if you’re new to data analytics, you should see business value very quickly.

How to know if you’re on the right track with your current solutions:

  • Your firm is growing and profitable

  • You are able to keep your finger on the pulse of operational expenses, billable hours, fee allocation and the other profitability drivers every firm needs to monitor to stay on top of

  • You are able to get the exact custom reports that you need

If you aren’t seeing these benefits, download How Data-Centered Law Firms Will Grow in 2022: 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Growth Strategy.

You’ll broaden your data approach and people strategy to increase your success and start growing your firm in 2022

LawKPIs legal analytics software, a supplementary dashboard that streamlines and customizes your reports to give you back your time while you grow your firm.

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