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Enhancing Firm Productivity with LawKPIs Task Progress by User Report

In today’s fast-paced legal environment, managing and monitoring legal task progress is crucial for maintaining efficiency and meeting deadlines. The LawKPIs Task Progress by User report is a powerful report and is fully integrated with Clio designed to give firms a detailed overview of each user’s task progress across different statuses—pending, in-progress, in-review, and completed. This report is essential for law firms aiming to enhance productivity, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall time management.

Report Description and Purpose

  • Comprehensive Task Tracking

The LawKPIs Task Progress by User report provides an in-depth look at each user’s tasks, categorized by status:

– Pending

– In-Progress

– In-Review

– Completed

– Total Completed Tasks

By noting when each task began, the report includes both estimated and actual time tracked, offering a clear picture of task timelines and user performance.

  • Detailed User-Level Insights

This report utilizes task status to count the number of tasks each user is working on, comparing the estimated time required to complete each task with the actual time spent. This information is crucial for identifying discrepancies and improving time management practices.

  • Key Report Columns

The report is organized into various columns, providing detailed task information at the user level:

– Username

– Pending Task Count

– Pending Time Estimate

– In-Progress Task Count

– In-Progress Time Estimate

– In-Review Task Count

– In-Review Time Estimate

– Completed Task Count

– Completed Time Estimate

– Completed Actual Estimate

– Total Tasks**

Benefits of the LawKPIs Task Progress by User Report

  • Insightful Overview

The report offers a detailed overview of each user’s task progress, helping managers and team leads understand where each team member stands in their assigned tasks. This clarity is essential for effective team management and performance evaluation.

  • Efficiency Monitoring

By tracking the number of tasks in different statuses and comparing them against estimated timeframes, managers can identify bottlenecks or areas where tasks are taking longer than expected. This enables timely intervention to keep tasks on track and meet deadlines.

  • Resource Allocation

With a clear understanding of each user’s task workload and progress, managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation. They can redistribute tasks or provide additional support to team members who are overloaded or struggling to complete their tasks.

  • Time Management

Comparing estimated timeframes with actual time spent on tasks helps in evaluating individual team members’ time management skills. This information is valuable for performance evaluations, training, or coaching sessions aimed at improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Task Prioritization

Managers can use the report to prioritize tasks based on their status and urgency. By focusing on critical pending tasks or allocating resources to tasks that are behind schedule, firms can ensure timely task completion and maintain workflow efficiency.


The LawKPIs Task Progress by User report is an indispensable tool for legal firms seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency. By providing a detailed overview of task progress, monitoring efficiency, aiding in resource allocation, improving time management, and assisting in task prioritization, this report empowers managers to make informed decisions and ensure that their teams are performing at their best.

LawKPIs allows you to get accurate data and reports with our reporting solution.

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